Why Work Your Butt Off For Someone Else

Are YOU a white collar worker?  An corporate executive, engineer, doctor, lawyer, accountant, manager, etc.?

Or are YOU a blue collar wage earner?  A carpenter, welder, pipe fitter, electrician, plumber, construction worker, etc?

What ever profession or trade YOU work in, it’s all the same.  You’re slaving away to make someone else rich and wasting precious time not building personal assets!

Robert Kuyosaki wrote in his book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad; working a 40 hour job is not how you become rich.

Of course, he doesn’t denounce the wage earner, he ONLY suggest in order to create assets one must build a business.  Even if it’s on part-time basis.

So, my question is:  Why do YOU continue to work your butt off for someone else?

Sometimes sheer desperation and panic can be the greatest motivator of all.

Every time another bill hits YOUR kitchen table YOU just can’t sleep.

YOU’RE frightened with no extra money and with a half dozen bill collectors calling when YOU least expect it.

YOU’RE exhausted from having to deal with the crazy traffic jams to and from work.

Having to go to a 40 hour plus day job [JUST OVER BROKE] every week AND YOU still can’t seem to keep up.

Knowing YOU give it YOUR all and YOU get a reduction in pay… get cut back to less than 40 hours… told to do more with the new job position with no pay increase or yet YOU get laid off.

Does this all sound too familiar?  YES. I’m sure it does!!

So, in desperation YOU Turn To The Internet hoping to find an opportunity where YOU could work a few hours in the evening each day to… Make an Extra Income.


To Be Honest… Ownership of a Profitable Internet Marketing Business IS the Greatest Blessing Anyone Could Ever Bestow.

So, my offer to YOU is this…

Why do YOU continue to work your butt off for someone else?

When YOU can enroll and learn to apply our proven systematic Internet marketing educational business.

But ONLY do so, if YOU’RE willing to go through a small learning curve…

And it really is that simple!

Understand, YOU don’t work in the business, YOU work on the business.

And when the fundamental principles taught here on this blog are applied, it works even when YOU don’t.

It’s called: Robotic Income… commissions [online income] paid to YOU 24 hours a day!

No bull, no lies, just genuine Tell The TRUTH probability when earnest Internet Marketing education is applied!

Our duplicate-able franchise like home internet business programs have low entry monthly affiliate commissions and A BIG TICKET back-end program where YOU EARN EVEN BIGGER commissions.

Bottom line… YOU create YOUR OWN Economy!

YOU build a stable ongoing INCOME by educating your SUBSCRIBERS one email, one text message or one voicemail at a time.


1. How to Promote Online:  Use Social Media, FREE Ad Sites, Inexpensive Banner Placement Sites and Text Messaging.

2. How to Capture:  Name, Email Address & Phone Number.  To ‘Build A BIG SUBSCRIPTION LIST’.

3. How To Make Conversions:  ‘Make Money’ By Offering Our Primary Business Membership Enrollments and Affiliate Software Programs.

In fact, it’s very possible with a little experience YOU could enroll someone tomorrow if YOU were to enroll today!

YES ~~ someone could be sending BIG MONEY directly to YOU as soon as tomorrow via PayPal, FedEx or Check in the US Postal.

How is this possible YOU ask?  Because We GIVE YOU Access to a REAL-TIME Leads Package…

Where the subscribers [LEADS/ PEOPLE] are placed inside YOUR Auto-responder and the SMS Messaging Software the same day… with their full name, email address and cell phone number.


If you’re a Professional?

If you’re a Tradesman?

If you’re a Student?

A Stay-at-home Mom?

A Stay-at-home Dad?

A Retiree?

An Employee?

A, Opportunity Seeker?

Or just someone who wants to increase his/ her Internet Marketing knowledge to earn an enormous online income, then this is the perfect vehicle [opportunity] for YOU…

So then why do YOU want to continue to work your butt off for someone else?

When we are here to help YOU to LEARN and EARN more money than you ever though possible!

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