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Living Life Forward…

Your main goal as a PFA member is to recruit!  Enroll other life insurance agents as members or co-workers within the organization.  Become a supporter by helping to bring prosperity to the American people.

The Benefit?  You'll see your financial future grow beyond belief!  No Pyramid Scheme, No Ploys, and No Fabrications… just plain simple growth every week.

Ask How?  We teach you how to turn your computer into a marketing machine. One that pulls in daily subscribers and potential business prospects repeatedly!

The Results?  You’ll learn the power of sales and daily recruiting; you'll literally be able to see your economic future wildly expand right before your very eyes!

When You Get Started You'll Receive These Valuable Bonuses...

  1. Tips to help you locate and find your target market… [Most are FREE]
  2. The best sales and marketing (promotional software tools) to reach and capture these lists.
  3. Scripts to help you bring in and communicate with your subscribers and prospects.
  4. Platforms for creating sales presentations to persuade your prospect to join you.
  5. The latest cutting edge ringless voicemail marketing system software.

We don’t only make promises; we live and breathe what we teach.  Climb aboard and experience a journey few people can only imagine.

You'll literally be able to create a home-base insurance agency with hundreds of state licensed life insurance producers in your down-line organization.  A legal business that you can pass down to your family heirs’ way into the future…

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