How to Create a Blog

You’re Destined for Online Failure
IF YOU DO NOT Create a Website or Blog

Continue to repeat the same bad habits month after month year after year expecting positive results just isn’t logical.  Leading people to your company’s affiliate website over and over is NOT the answer to getting new enrollments.

Seriously stop and think about it!   Which would you prefer – to peddle your wares out on the public streets or in a store front?

If you want to get new sign ups into your home business then you got to get to work!   Getting sign ups online requires some manipulation, the art of selling.  Which is basically providing value and asking the right questions.

Five reasons why you want to create a blog and websites…

1. Ninety five percent of the time you send your subscribers to a compelling website or personal blog.  Exhibits reality with a personal connection.

2. Once you receive their phone number reach out and make a phone call with questions you want them to answer.  If no answer, leave a voice mail message directing them to your website sales presentation page.

3. Always follow up with email campaigns from the auto-responder and text messages leading them through the sales funnel websites.

4. If you discover they may have a fax number send out your best written fax sales letter with your website URL.

5. Once you have verified their correct home mailing address send a brochure, a postcard or sales letter placed in the US Postal Mail highlighting your best webpage.

As a internet marketing home business owner creating various forms of content for the web and with warm market material you must always persuade the prospect on why he/she should join you?

Influencing your subscribers to enroll into your business takes on a whole new light AND that’s what Internet Marketing is about!

You want to share your company’s affiliate links to the products, services and sign up pages from as many personally created websites and blog locations as possible.

Having ownership of a high converting sales funnel that consist of a blog and/ or personal web pages is the most powerful system that many people are uninformed of, but follow through consistently and completely to the end of the check out, purchase page and enrollment.

More importantly, if you desire to understand how this all works and want to set up such a sales funnel system and an inclination to have a one-on-one personal online coaching click here to start.