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Premier Financial Alliance - Paying It Forward
First I want to thank you for coming to this website.  I know your time is valuable and you don't want to waste it on some pie in the sky opportunity.  But this is not just your ordinary home business opp!  This is a perfectly legal marketing company that affords you to achieve every hope, every desire, every dream your heart and mind envisions.  I take great pride in bringing this to your attention because I understand you're already a licensed insurance producer.  Whether you're an accomplished insurance agent or just getting started this professional biz opp can enhance your future beyond your wildest expectations.  Believe me, it is here to stay!

As a health and life agent I'm going to be honest with you.  Starting out, one of the biggest issues I had as a struggling independent agent was the everyday continual hassle of prospecting for potential clients.  Oftentimes as I network amongst my friends and family you'll always hear me discuss our companies unique Index Universal Life Insurance policy.

Without ever giving it a second thought, I find myself pitching as if they were  interested consumers.  Eagerly hoping the person listening would take interest in a future appointment.  I must admit, today I am getting better at holding my tongue and exchanging business cards.  Truthfully, people enjoy when you converse and inquire about them.  Asking for a name, phone and email address is much more professional and portrays a better leadership quality.

However, at this website I am fortunate to tell you of my experience of how and why I focused my time from working the warm market to the online world.  No longer do I worry about where my next prospect will come from, but since discovering Premier Financial Alliance I was shown a way to find life insurance producers online.   And as a dedicated producer I have learned to write business working behind my desk at home acquiring life and health insurance exclusive leads .  This has given me a real sense of security and purpose.  And this is what I want to share with you.

As a representative of PFA ~ Premier Financial Alliance which is an incorporated network marketing company | a member of the National Life Insurance Group,  I'm asking you as a licensed insurance producer to climb aboard.  Imagine no more early morning annoyance wake up alarm clocks.  No more dreaded traffic jams back and forth to the office.  And what's best is the convenience of no more wasted windshield time to stood up scheduled appointments.  Imagine within a few weeks of joining PFA, you could be enjoying the fruits of your labor writing life insurance business full-time from home! YES?

About The Company
Premier Financial Alliance [PFA] is based in Suwanee, Georgia.  It's a national marketing company with great people who come from many nationalities all over the world.  What's most exciting is the culture of PFA.   It is truly dedicated to helping and teaching others to become successful at writing Universal Life Insurance protection policies for the general public.  You either have a state license or get a license and learn the business from a Certified Flied Trainer.   As an added bonus because PFA is set up legally as a marketing company, this allows all the producers to recruit new people.  Kind of like building your own firm without having to have a brokerage license.  What an amazingly great idea was this?   A true concept to building wealth for you who choose to believe and apply.

PFA's main partner is National Life Group -- a mutual company that has been doing business for over 174 years.  Since it's inception in 1989, David Carroll, founder and CEO of PFA and it's leadership teams have earned a remarkable growth record. . . a $46 Billion company.  PFA in 2014, 2015, 2016 became the number one IMO in all the USA.  Accepting these  statistics as proof should give you a probable guarantee that if you do the work as a professional networker| life insurance agent on contract with PFA, you'll be paid an outstanding commissions earned.  This makes perfect since when you understand the potential if you were to apply a working [business production strategy] game plan!  Should you decide to become an associate with us that's exactly what I offer you?  Click the information tab below to learn more...

Our Leadership and Experience
In the back office of our business tracking system unsurprisingly to me, I see my up-line sponsor Hermie Bacus who is an Executive Field Director always on the weekly leader board… that's the Net Paid Target Premium Points Chart.  I've had the pleasure to meet Hermie at several seminars and conventions as guest speaker.  What an awesome man of character!  Not often do I get to meet a person so humble and kind.  Even more, I found him to be a very generous with his downline.  Every dining occasion I have been with him and his group he flips the bill. What's really great, but not surprising, he's a genuinely honest caring intellectual person with a great sense of humor.  He'll happily discusses what's on your mind.  And what's more pleasing, I feel honored to work under him knowing I get to operate my independent business as I choose.   As long as we operate within the marketing agreement guidelines of the company, all producers can learn to work and earn from home.

With today's technology recruiting and selling from the web and telephone is a logical and legal choice.  I certainly feel privileged to have at my disposal such an elite leader and company who are willing to help all their business builders to produce and stay on track.  Now, that should inspire you to find out more about PFA, right?  Click the tab below...

Since discovering Premier Financial Alliance and becoming acquainted with my up-line leadership team, I've come to appreciate there are some high character standards that are kept.  Giving it the best you can be, a reputation for becoming an honest true leader with integrity must be paramount if our plan's to follow the leadership of this company into the future!  For certain, I'm speaking for myself and my group.  As a representative of such an organization it's an awesome feeling having the peace of mind knowing that we can socialize with men and women of such high character.

How blessed can we be that somewhere in a city near you there's an opportunity to attend monthly seminars and yearly conventions where you get to network with high performance like-minded loving producers of PFA.   Whether you conduct business at your kitchen table in a serene quiet comfortable home or from house to house, you can take control of your life completely.  Knowing you'll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.  Here at PFA you can obtain your financial goals and become the better person you were meant to be, however you choose to grow!

Speaking of the future, there's no better time than right now to make the decision you want to know more about this professional biz opp.  Click the tab below to learn more about how we can help you learn to apply our DMO [business game plan] for writing new business and recruit.  On the following page view the short home-made video and enter your information to become a subscriber.  I'll personally reach out to you to answer any questions you may have...

Buying The Right Life Insurance
Another wonderful part about PFA is the innovative design of the Index Universal Life policy issued through the National Life Insurance Group.  It's one of the fastest growing life products issued by National Life in all 174 years of their history.  This product has Living Benefits, which means you can access up to $1.5 million of your life insurance while you're still alive for chronic, critical, terminal illnesses and accidents.

Because of this we have an advantage over our competition.  The IUL product with the numerous riders such as the exclusive GAP Protector Rider is designed to allow people to work their way up to the coverage they need, while reducing their out of pocket premium by potentially thousands during the early years of the policy when coverage is lower.

Other riders at no extra cost such as Accidental Injury Death Benefit, the Children's Term Rider, the Waiver of Surrender Charge and the Lifetime Income Benefit Rider are also the number one reason why so many people have decided to purchase this protection.  The Living Life insurance coverage was designed where the insured does not have to die to take advantage of the benefits.  Especially, today the IUL is the best investment form of  life insurance to build wealth.  A proven tax free income available at any time starting after three years of enforcement.  This gives the American family the flexibility to meet some of the challenges they may face in life.

I'm sure you'll agree, as an agent who sells life insurance for a living that these living benefits certainly will help in the decision making process for a household provider to easily understand why he/she would choose this coverage over other ordinary straight life or whole life coverage.  It certainly is encouraging as a producer that these benefits allow for fewer objections when your customer is desiring to buy life insurance.  It definitely is in our favor for being able to write a higher number of policies!  When you click the 'Access More Information' tab below you'll discover in just a few campaigns how this investment vehicle benefits so many American people!

A Revolutionary Compensation Plan 
Of course today the economic demands placed upon us all due to higher and higher inflation is one important reason why we as agents would want to get involved with this type of business model.  Yes, you get to meet and socialize with like minded people, but if you only sell to your family and friends as many do, that lessons your ability in building a successful business!

Yes, we all know building a community not only are you rewarded with friendships and camaraderie, but you earn handsomely by sponsoring more people in depth.  Agents who personally purchase their own policy and sell to the American public and recruit other licensed agents and teach them to do the same grow much faster.  As you'll soon experience, it's an amazing achievement to be praised and admired by your piers as  you become a servant leader amongst your group.  The grandest reward for recruiting multiple agents is that PFA has payable commissions at eight [8] different levels, plus all the perks for being on the scoreboard.

PFA Builders Compensation Structure...
1. Personal Production
2. Spread Overrides
3. Generational Overrides
4. Rolling Target Overrides
5. Bonus Pool
6. Renewals
7. Gap Protection Rider
8. Deferred Compensation

Each based on target premium points collected.  That sure as heck beats getting paid once and hoping for a yearly renewal to re-up.

Realize because you are an independent contractor with PFA, you have even more than the traditional benefits levels, but the 10 year Deferred Compensation ~ now this is certainly a complementary whopper!   Better yet, all expenses paid incentives trip to amazing destinations.  There's the Paid Quarterly First-Class Luxury Vacation trips to exotic destinations around the world.  Again, if that were not enough you get special recognition... prizes like Elite Red Leadership Jacket, a Gold Diamond Bezel Rolex Watch and a Jumbo Super Bowl Replica Ring.  Is this a blessing or what?

In PFA you're recognized for your various achievements.  Why not set yourself apart from the crowd?  These accomplishments only come with dedication and smart work.  It always pays more if you're willing to apply what you learn and believe you can achieve!  So, if you're a people person and want to help others why not do what the heavy hitters | elite do?  They earn more than the average because they take FEAR out of the equation.  They work daily on building the business ~ not in it!  Understanding and applying these principles will definitely put you way ahead of the norm.  Tap the Information tab below begin the process of learning more about PFA's professional service fees.

Our Groups Proven Business System
As a member of PFA, I want to stress that I teach all my newly appointed agents to develop a [DMO] Daily Method of Operation.  We use such programs as and  My sole purpose within this organization is to teach life insurance agents how to build a large community of leaders who enjoy recruiting new producers and selling our premier life insurance policies from home on the internet and phone.

We pride ourselves on the fact that when our agents learn the skills for inviting and recruiting from a target market leads list, their enthusiasm for building a home business online is much more self-gratifying and contagious.  And as your cyber space mentor if you decide to join us, I would seriously encourage you to delve into our network | internet marketing training's.  Schedule some quiet times to listen to our network marketing training audio's and also listen to the digital life insurance agent training podcast we refer you to.  It's fun to become educated and gain the experience seeing real growth with an increasing monetary.

We have a complete list of educational video's with all the internet marketing programs necessary for creating your own persuasive sales pages, capture pages and blog.  Creating your brand and making a presence on the web is crucial for today's success.  We have the communications software's available such as a free Auto-Responder to communicate via email subscription.  SMS - a permission based text messenger for sending 140 character campaigns to your list and group members.   An automated Voice Mail Drop for lead generation.   And VOIP [voice over internet protocol] service for making the necessary calls for building your business.  These platforms will allow you to follow through quickly administering a daily mode of operation ie; DMO [a business game plan] where you sit at your desk connecting with the prospects on your list.   Utilizing our Contact Relations Management [CRM] system to track all sales and sign ups.

These are the correct steps to how and what you do daily to earn more!   It's not just about working harder, but learning to work smart to free up your time to enjoy more of life's pleasures.  Our families deserve a better lifestyle, why not do what's necessary as an independent agent!  Skip all those pitfall's and silly warm market strategies that only waste your time and annoys the heck of people.  Click the tab below to find out how!

Now's The Time To Take The Next Step
Being a life insurance agent, I'm not sure how financially fit you are... and of course, it's none of my business.  However, I do know that if you're still licensed by the state of Texas, David Carroll himself would tell you his thirty years plus history of selling life insurance that Premier Financial Alliance is turning the life insurance industry upon it's heels.  Statistics show that thirty percent of the American people have no coverage and those who do carry traditional coverage profits only the beneficiary.  How awesome is that?  Now that should really jerk your chain well into submission.  Go get your subscription now so we can work this uncharted field together!   I'll see you on the inside...

We believe at PFA your life insurance should be there for you in life, not just death.   With protection purchased at today's health and today's insurance costs people don't want to wait until they are older and have health risks.  Blessed be the Living Life policy is sold only through PFA agents.   And now's the time for individuals like you who are licensed agents to lock in your future.

Joyfully having conversations with many income producers in PFA, I've learned some have come aboard from other insurance companies as well.  Some are working full-time earning very large commissions and have no problem of finding interested life insurance prospects and recruiting for their groups.  Today, I'm asking you as a follow insurance agent if you're interested in sponsoring members to create a down-line community [agency] and writing new life insurance business while working from home using the internet and telephone, feel free to climb aboard.  Click the tab below to learn more about PFA and our group.

If you have not experienced, being able to work behind a desk is certainly a pleasure.  Operating a people business is gratifying, especially because. . . with Premier Financial Alliance you're working two markets.  Not only are we able to help the American public to financially secure their lives in case a tragic accident or death, but earn dividends on their investment for future retirement.   Secondly, as independent producers, we have the opportunity to build a brokerage like agency as a home-based business.

Furthermore, earning an income from the efforts of others that you helped sponsor and train puts you in the 5% bracket of all the worlds top income earners.  This most definitely is the right quadrant to be associated with!  Right?  What other livelihood do you know is better than this?  Rubbing shoulders with multi-millionaires who are willing to mentor and encourage their team members to become the best that they can be.  This is truly an awesome experience...

Discover How To Win The Money Game With PFA Today!

A Special Thanks Before You Close Out
Listen, I feel so strongly about what you can accomplish as an insurance agent/ producer with PFA, I'm pulling a little sneek web-based trick on you.  Several times throughout this webpage, I asked you to click the tab below.  The reason is because you may want to move quickly on a more personal level.  That's why I put my contact information on this site.   As mentioned, using this website builder software program depending on what browser you are using, you may get redirected over to the next stage of the sales funnel before you close out.  I hope you don't mind?   We've had no complaints, so for?   I strongly urge you to become a subscriber now and let's stay in touch.

Eddie Lutz - PFA Associate
General Lines Agent

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I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about Premier Financial Alliance professional business opportunity and how we as a growing team of dedicated caring people believe in paying it forward!   Again a BIG Texas Thanks.

Click the tab below and become a member today!  I look forward to seeing you inside PFA and working with you soon. . .

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