Our Story

Every business has a beginning and this is how we’ve learned to enlighten others about ours.  People want to know what type of opportunity we are involved with and how our passion has led to this business model.  I say it’s pretty simple… our company motto says it best: “You can have everything in life you want, if you just help other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

“Our vision” is to talk to as many people as possible about what drives the internet business model and what process we go through to find, connect and enroll new business members.  What content I write for this blog is to help guide and encourage other networkers who want to learn of this profession.  Also, to put to rest that this IM business is not ROCKET SCIENCE, just a matter of duplication.  I want to encourage you that if you have any questions or comments, please connect with us anytime.

Our Approach

If you’re looking for a way to earn an income online or if you in a home-based network marketing business program already and you’re feeling stuck, hoping someone could teach you what steps to take to build a legitimate home internet business, contact us asap.

I’ll be happy to guide in the right direction so you can earn an online income and plan for a future retirement from whatever 40 – 50 hour job you’re working.  There’s no need to look any further!  I will work with you to show you how to acquire an endless amount of leads, how to build a subscribers list, how to enroll new business partners and earn a lot of money working from home.

These strategies are flawless and you can make serious money with our program…

My name is Eddie Lutz from Webberville, Texas…. Google and you’ll find out who I am and my purpose for being online.  I know how this network | internet marketing game works.  I breath and sleep this online business.  Honestly, working with me and my group, ultimately you could very well be building a community earning a great living working from home as internet marketer.

TIP: Starting out you DO NOT have to spend one red cent on internet advertising!   That’s right… Spend nothing on internet advertising, no dependence upon a ton of traffic!  I’ll teach you how to build an internet business by investing in and contacting a real-time opt-in leads list.

We connect with our subscribers using TEXT Messaging and Email Marketing.  AND of course, BLOGGING… just like what you’re viewing here…

Contact us anytime…
Eddie Lutz and Jeanette Johnston
Home: 512.276.7926
Cell: 512.777.8022
Webberville, Texas 78653
My best email address: admin@eddielutz.com

PS. If we fail to answer, leave a message and I’ll contact you the same day or asap.
PSS. You’d be surprised at how easy it would be to achieve much more by simply making the attempt…


A Great Home Internet Biz

You are destined for failure IF you…continue to repeat the same bad habits month after month year after year expecting positive results.

Leading people to your company’s affiliate website is NOT the answer to sponsorship.

This is completely insane! Seriously stop and think about it!

Which would you prefer to peddle your wares out on the public streets or in a store front?

If you want to get new signups into your home business then get to work!

Sponsorship online requires some manipulation the art of inviting and persuasion.

These are some of the ways we communicate with our [prospects] subscribers...

We make a phone call as soon as the prospects opts-in to our capture page!

We follow up with an auto-responder email campaign leading to a compelling personally created [landing page] website or blog post.

We often times broadcast a voice mail leading to our up-lines pre-recorded recruiting call.

We send out a [SMS] text message reminding them of our conference calls and/ or to look for our email campaigns going to their inbox.

Each of these approaches are the means of leading the subscriber to more information about our company and how they are able to take what we teach to enroll more members and make more sales online.

As a internet marketing home business owner creating various forms of marketing [sales tools] we encourage the prospect on why he/she should join us...

Using these various communication techniques of Influencing takes on a whole new light.

If you feel network marketing online is ONLY about you sharing your company's products, services or opportunity 'webpage links' throughout the web, you’re only kidding yourself.

But now, if you understand these principles outlined here in this post and you're eager to learn and earn more...

Feel free to climb aboard with us and you'll have access to all the necessary sales tools, training and support to enroll new members daily and make more money online than you could ever dream possible!

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An Awesome Online Marketing Training Program

What you about to discover is an opportunity and better yet, a 'Sales Funnel System' that is helping me and many others to realize our dreams of working from home.

I'm not sure if you're still considering a work from home biz opp, but let me share this with you.

A few simple things:

This is a online marketing business opp that ANYONE can succeed with… you're the boss... You set the hours.

If you want you can earn a few hundred a month or a serious 6-figure income?

This isn't some pie-in-the-sky organization or anything like that...

...it's a proven IM duplicate-able business model where real people get real results!

It's amazing to me that a online marketing program [biz opp] this simple is helping people to replace their full time income.  Check out our Facebook Group

Anyway, feel free to click the instant access tab below and on the other side…once you enroll, there’s a ton of IM Training video's waiting for you.

Inside you’ll learn more about the owners, the program, the compensation plan and how to create and use the system to 'build a big list and make money online'.

THIS IS A Proven Legitimate Duplicate-able Lead Generation and Marketing Biz Opp...

... that teaches you how to generate lot's of leads; 'GIVES YOU' the choice to purchase leads; 'GIVES YOU' the ability to create multiple webpages; 'GIVES YOU' the software communication tools to connect and promote to your subscribers list.

The possibility to earn great weekly commissions and be paid every Friday is yours!!  Just Say 'YES'.

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