The Wisest Internet Marketing
to an Online Income…

My Internet Marketing philosophy is this… before YOU ever start making ANY MONEY ONLINE as a Marketer YOU MUST employ these three (3) Basic Rules…

  1. Promote – either you pay to advertise on the internet or you purchase leads
  2. Capture – you are continually collecting names, emails and phone numbers to build a large subscription list
  3. Conversion – persuading your subscriber [prospect] to become a customer or business partner

… YES the foremost important principle you must understand about Internet Marketing is to strive to BUILD A FOLLOWING!  In layman’s terms, this means to build an email subscription list.

You want to purchase an email auto-responder and have your blog and all your capture pages opt-in web forms integrated with the auto-responder.

This will help you to build a large list over time.  This is where you can connect with your subscribers and provide value to the real flesh and blood on the other side of those email addresses.

Once you have a subscribers name, email address and phone number, reach out and make a live connection.

However, prior to calling upon an opt-in subscriber [lead] you want to know what to say and what to do in directing them to become a new prospective customer. 

If you’re willing to spend an hour studying our training video’s which covers the inviting and answering a few objections, basically engaging in conversation, you’ll find your entire life will transform drastically before your very eyes.

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